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Backsplash Tips

Kitchen designers have been incorporating backsplash tile designs in kitchens for many years. They deliver a beautiful compliment to kitchens and baths as well as serve to protect walls from moisture and stains. The popularity of backsplashes has been due in part to the new materials and design motifs available.

Backsplash Tiles and More is providing designers and home-owners a new, colorful alternative to the designs options available at large DYI (Do-It-Yourself) stores. Now you can create a special design for your kitchen, bath, shower walls, spa, wet bar, or fireplace surround.

Factors to consider when creating a backsplash
Generally backsplash tile designs are coordinated with the surrounding motif and colors in the room. However, in many cases kitchen or bath colors are dictated by the colors selected in a special backsplash center piece or bathroom shower stall.

Your backsplash design ideas can be highlighted with the use of lights. The incorporation of direct high-intensity lights can visually direct visitors attention to the focal point of the room.

The Design
There are a number of backsplash ideas which can work for you.

Contemporary – Using this design the same material normally used for the backsplash is used for the counters. Designs for this popular style are edgy, modern and may incorporate art deco tile styles. As well as glass tile or metal tiles.

Old World or Traditional – This style is generally what you see in big box stores. The designs are made to appear old or antique-like. Many use chipped marble, cobblestone, or tumbled stone. The colors to use for the old world design are light brown, creams, and gold.

Mediterranean – In this theme you need to use bold colors and the also tiles that are painted with hand. Colors like green and blue are best suited for this design. You will get the flavor of the Mediterranean.

Mosaic – Using small bits of materials to create a mosaic is a popular trend for backsplashes. Though labor intensive these designs reflect a very personal touch to kitchens and baths.

Murals - In addition to your design theme you may want to consider incorporating a mural pr pictorial image as you backsplash or shower wall. Popular mural ideas include:

A wide assortment of tile murals from photography and classic paintings can be found at Villa Lagoon Tile.

Color Selection
Many people like the color of backsplashes to blend well with other components in the room such as the walls, floors, and cabinets.

Others prefer contrasting colors or bold color selections that reflect their personality. So it is really up to the home-owner's taste and the ambiance they are trying to create in the room.

Here are some popular motifs used for backsplash designs in your home.