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About Our Ceramic Tiles

The base ceramic tile used in the production of your designer tiles is the highest quality available. All of our tiles are produced on tiles with a gloss finish as 4.25" or 6" square. Please refer to "product details" at checkout for more specifics.

You may use any commercially available adhesive or for ceramic tile including thin-set mortar or waterproof mastic adhesives. Care should be taken when grouting. Try to only grout along the grout line and gently remove the excess grout with a soft cloth. Non-sanded grout is recommended.

Our ceramic tiles may be cleaned with any household non-abrasive cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge. Do not use bleaches or abrasives, as they can harm your tile mural. No form of tape should ever be applied to the face of the tiles.

Custom Design Tiles
Have your own image or even text that would go great on tiles? You can custom design your own through our fulfillment partner here!

Custom Tile
Custom Tile by Backsplash Tiles and More


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